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Cabin Leaders



Cabin Leaders are an essential part of our program at Green Meadows. These high school volunteers are a part of the staff for the week, and in exchange for their hard work they receive community service hours that count towards their high school graduation requirements.

Cabin Leaders supervise students at all times, help to enforce discipline, and role model good behavior for the students. During the day, Cabin Leaders assist with one daytime class and have a break for the other class period. In the evening, Cabin Leaders meet with a Green Meadows Naturalist and receive training and mentoring on how to improve their leadership skills. At night, Cabin Leaders sleep in the student cabins to maintain supervision over students at all times. Although the job of being a Cabin Leader is hard work, it is also extremely rewarding and worthwhile.

If you would like to volunteer as a Cabin Leader at Green Meadows, please contact your high school guidance counselor or a teacher at your local elementary or middle school!