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Student Behavior



At Green Meadows, we hold students to high standards for their actions and behavior. We have two behavioral guidelines that students learn on the first day during the opening ceremony: A.C.T. Cool and the Three Agreements.

act cool, means attitude, cooperation, and try new things

A.C.T. Cool

At all times students at Green Meadows you must A.C.T. Cool! A, C, and T forms an acronym in which each word stands for a type of behavior that students are expected to display:

  • Positive Attitude
  • Cooperation
  • Try Something New
The three agreements

The Three Agreements

We also expect students to adhere to the Three Agreements for the duration of their stay:

  1. I will respect others and their stuff.
  2. I will not touch others and their stuff.
  3. I will follow directions the first time.

Any major infraction of the rules (such as fighting or stealing), threat to the safety of self or others, or outright defiance in any way that is disruptive to the program will result in immediate suspension of the student. This requires the parents’ pick up of the student from the outdoor school. Parents who are unable to transport their child will need to make arrangements with their family or their child’s school for transportation, as suspended children cannot be allowed to remain at Camp Green Meadows. Students who leave outdoor school early will not be given a refund.